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Constant Lu, DDS
Lighthouse Dental
Vancouver, WA

"For the previous two years, our office has used Shikosha dental lab for our crowns, and they have been one of the best labs we have worked with, showing excellent customer service as well as consistency in their artistry and technique with their work. We rarely need to adjust their crowns, they are processed in a timely manner, their fees are reasonable, and patients love their new look.

I can remember one of our first patients who had some anterior crowns done from Shikosha. After we delivered them, and he saw the results, he started to weep; not because of sadness, but because of a cathartic joy. He said he was finally able to smile again after many decades of shame developed from having darkened and malpositioned teeth. He left that day with a skip in his step and gratitude in his heart!

Our office's greatest obligation is to our patients, and when they can walk out with their lives transformed like that, we can ask for nothing better! And to a great degree, Shikosha Lab has helped us fulfill that obligation. A big THANK YOU from all of our team at Lighthouse Dental!"

Meyers Folsom Dental Clinic 
Clarkston, WA

“Shikosha Dental Lab has consistently produced the high-quality lab work that I have come to expect. The esthetics and fit of their crown and bridge casework are always excellent.”

Stuart Rich, DDS
Simply Smiles
Auburn, WA

“After almost thirty years of practice, I freely admit that my bias was always toward working with small privately held dental labs to get the quality of work and personalized service I demanded. About 5 years ago, a colleague recommended that I give Shikosha a try.

When I learned how big they were, I was skeptical, but decided to send them a few cases for comparison, as my small preferred lab was having trouble staying competitive with their fees, as well as mastering the rapid material and technology changes that were occurring.

I needn’t have been concerned. Shikosha has become my ‘go to’ lab for almost everything crown and bridge related. The fit and esthetics are consistently of high quality, and on the rare occasion when things need to be modified or redone, the response has been efficient, fair and appropriate.

Shikosha lab is an large, full service lab with a personalized, small lab feel and customer service approach. I give them my highest recommendation.”

Jim Stratton, DDS
Anchorage, AK

“I have been using Shikosha for over twenty years and would not consider using another lab. Even though I am in Alaska and Shikosha is in Portland, we have an excellent working relationship. The quality of work is excellent, consistent and predictable. I have very few remakes with Shikosha, even color matches on single anterior teeth. That makes everyone happy. My patients are amazed at how easily seat appointments go. Assistants are pleased that seat appointments don’t run over time.

Adjustments are minimal, shades are accurate, and we stay on schedule. The front desk also loves the fact that cases come back on time and are seated in a timely manner, without a lot of schedule juggling. I feel most stressed when I get behind and things don’t go as planned, so using Shikosha reduces my stress.”

Bearable Dentistry, PLLC
Moscow, ID
Shikosha Customer: 30+ Years

“Bearable Dentistry sends the majority of its crown and bridge cases to Shikosha for one simple reason: they do a great job! The turn-around time is excellent which allows us to schedule patients with the confidence that their lab case will be back in the office on time.

The quality of work is consistently excellent and the lab communicates effectively with our dentists when they have questions about a case. Gerald Weitz, DDS, Dustin Weitz, DDS and Bryan Schiavoni, DDS of Bearable Dentistry happily recommend Shikosha Dental Lab to other dentists.”

Hans Alexander Go, DDS
Portland, OR

“We are very pleased with the products (Crown & Bridge, Dentures, Nightguards, etc.) that come from Shikosha.” “Shikosha is the only lab we use because we are happy with the precision and quality of work that comes from them. We also appreciate the care our patients receive when they need to go directly to the lab for a shade match.”

Kenneth M. Jones, DDS
Eugene, OR

“In my past 14 years in practice, I have tried many labs. I send all crown and bridge cases to Shikosha because they provide the best all-around service. This begins with the unsurpassed quality of their lab work which is supported by their great customer service. I use Shikosha simply because they are the best that I have found.”

Matthew Hicks, DMD
Moreland Neighborhood Dental
Portland, OR

“The Shikosha Dental Laboratory staff is very responsive to our needs and reliably accommodates our special requests to rush cases or add contacts to crowns and bridges. The technicians are very skilled and produce high quality dental restorations that rarely require remaking or adjusting. The technicians are inviting of face-to-face interaction with the doctor for treatment planning and troubleshooting, etc.”

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