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Shikosha offers comprehensive, customizable, digital and conventional implant options, and our implant technicians enjoy working closely with doctors to create successful results. We  provide  cementable and screw-retained abutments, as well as TiBase restorative options, and nearly all of our crown types may be fabricated as an implant crown or bridge.

The Identica Hybrid Medit Scanner and Exocad Design Software enable our Implant Team to create highly accurate and complex implant restorations, and we have partnered with several implant manufacturers to bring our customers the latest and greatest in advanced implant systems:


Implant-Denture Hybrids


Also called fixed dentures, hybrid dentures are a way to replace missing teeth and gum tissue by attaching a prosthetic restoration to dental implants.


Overdentures are similar to regular dentures but are supported and attached to dental implants for stability.  


A minimally invasive implant solution that provides patients with a fixed full-arch prosthesis on the day of surgery.

Milled Bar

A fixed-removable implant solution that offers a design optimal for implant placement. 



Surgical Stent

An acrylic guide that fits over the teeth or bone surface, using pre-drilled holes, to show the angle of the implants that will be placed. 


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