Removable Appliances

Full Acrylic Denture

Our full acrylic dentures are fabricated with a revolutionary heat-cured, pressure-injected system for a natural look and strong, precise fit.

Metal-Framed Partial Denture

Our Removables Team is experienced in creating cast partials from a variety of materials to best suit your patients' needs.

Flexible Partial

Shikosha manufactures flexible partial dentures that offer an ideal, non-permanent solution that's also comfortable, flexible, and highly esthetic.

We are a TCS® Certified Dental Lab!   


Flippers are a popular temporary or permanent solution for missing teeth.

Mouth Guards

Sports Guard

Our Removables Team is proficient in Essix and Pro-Form products. 

Rigiflex Thermoplastic Night Guard

Shikosha's exclusive thermoplastic night guard is the optimal solution for a night guard that's both tough and flexible. 

Hard Night Guard

This traditional hard night guard is strong and rigid.

Hard & Soft Night Guard

Unlike the hard night guard, the hard & soft night guard is rigid on the outside and soft and flexible on the inside for added comfort.


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