Keiko Ansley's Training at the OBI Foundation


Keiko's Training in Bioesthetic Dentistry

Keiko Ansley, Shikosha’s Emax and FCZ Supervisor, began her training at OBI (Orognathic Bioesthetics International) in April. OBI is an educational institute that provides advanced, intensive, hands-on training for dentists and dental technicians who would like to incorporate bioesthetic principles into their practice.

Bioesthetic dentistry focuses on comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning to obtain a healthy, highly functional and unworn chewing system that also provides optimal biologic form.

Occlusion has a profound effect on the temporomandibular joint and the airway, so it’s essential for dental professionals to understand this relationship. Based on advanced biological knowledge of the human chewing system, the program provides instruction on how to reach optimal biologic form using a number of different treatments.   

(Keiko pictured at left with OBI President, Dr. David MacLean)

The program is made up of four levels that become progressively more intensive. Trainees study changes in tooth morphology through processes of wear, placement of direct or indirect restorations, or orthodontic treatment—all of which can cause dysfunctional effects on the masticatory system. By the end of the program, they’ll have a better understanding of occlusion, bioesthetic diagnosis, and management of airway challenges.

Keiko has just completed her second level of training and will attend the third level from November to August of next year, where she’ll learn more about optimal biologic tooth form and waxing in order to provide an accurate diagnosis, ideal treatment plan and a predictable outcome. She’ll gain experience by applying her training with patients—not just models.

The final level will guide trainees through the diagnostic process and treatment of severely worn dentition, concluding with the successful completion of a full-mouth rejuvenation on a patient.

Keiko has already begun applying her training to restorations she creates at Shikosha, and she’s eager to begin the next level of training in November. She will be passing her knowledge along to other Shikosha technicians so we can improve our quality of products and communication. We are looking forward to sharing her elite expertise with our doctors.


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