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Shikosha Dental Lab is a certified, full-service laboratory proudly serving Portland, Seattle, and the greater Northwest for over fifty years. Founded in 1963 by Takeshi (Tak) Yoshida, Shikosha has grown to become one of the largest dental labs in the region, with over thirty highly-trained dental technicians skilled in the complex art and science of dental restoration. 

At Shikosha, our mission goes beyond offering quality products — we're passionate about changing lives for the better, one smile at a time. Our Customer Service Team and lab managers will work with you day-in and day-out to provide the quality products that you expect and to ensure that patients leave your office with a big smile.

Our success is a result of your success 

We utilize the highest-quality materials and latest technology to provide the best products in the Northwest. Our product range includes high quality, durable, and esthetic crowns and bridges, implants, removable appliances, and hybrid systems. At the forefront of advanced dental technology, we employ the newest CAD/CAM technologies and accept STL files. 

Our managers and lead technicians offer treatment planning and case consultation services, and our products pass though a thorough quality-control program to ensure that they contribute to the success and advancement of your practice.

  Our products are made in-house in Portland, Oregon
    We are a Certified Dental Laboratory!  


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1526 SE Powell Boulevard Portland, OR 97202

  Email: customerservice@shikosha.com

  Google Maps: See our location online.

  Toll Free: 1-800-547-8539

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Shikosha is on the look out for some talented individuals to fill a few vital roles.  

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