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Smiles are what we live for at Shikosha Dental Lab.More of our technicians are certified!Lab technician workinglab technician pouring models
lab technician model and dielab technician workinglab technician doing a wax-upHideki, lead technician, smiling at us
Tak (founder and former CEO) workingTak (founder and former CEO) training new techKeiko, lead technician, in OBI trainingKeiko, lead technician, in OBI training
Hideki, lead technician, taking a training courseHideki, lead technician, taking a training courseNick (president) discussing Shikosha for a show featured on the Discovery Channel.Annie and Shelly (sales) hosting a booth at the Pacific Northwest Dental Conference.
Kent (general manager) taking a phone call.Customer service departmentSharon (customer service)Alex (customer service)
Shikosha labNick (president) and his father Tak (founder and former CEO)
George (CAD/CAM supervisor)CAD/CAM technologyCAD/CAM technologyCAD/CAM technology
CAD/CAM technologyShikosha company picnic

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1526 SE Powell Boulevard Portland, OR 97202


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  Toll Free: 1-800-547-8539

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Shikosha is on the look out for some talented individuals to fill a few vital roles.  

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