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Spring 2019 Quarterly Newsletter


Read our Spring 2019 Quarterly Newsletter to hear all about our spotlight product: TCS Flexible Partial Dentures, as well as our upcoming Implant CE course on May 17th.

  Shikosha   20-Mar-2019 
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Spring 2018 Quarterly Newsletter


Shikosha's Spring Quarterly Newsletter is here! Learn all about our outstanding customer service team and their initiative to create a greener office.

  Shikosha   02-Apr-2018 
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Winter 2018 Quarterly Newsletter


Shikosha's Winter Quarterly Newsletter is here for 2018! Learn all about our Customer Service & Sales Manager, Kent Carlin, as well as our planned changes and improvements for the new year.

  Shikosha   04-Jan-2018 
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Seamless Case Exchange with Dentrix/DDX


Shikosha is excited to add DDX to our list of services. DDX is a highly beneficial and free solution that integrates with Dentrix to support the transition to digital dentistry.

  Shikosha   12-Oct-2017 
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Help Us Improve Our Products & Services


We welcome your suggestions on how we can improve our services. How do you feel we can improve the quality of a particular service? Is there a service we don't currently provide that you think we should?

  Shikosha   31-Aug-2017 
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Solar Eclipse on August 21st


So are many of us at Shikosha! The safety of your eyes is important to us, so we've mailed out protective eyewear with your monthly statement along with a very informative eclipse guide.

  Shikosha   31-Jul-2017 
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Summer Quarterly Newsletter


Shikosha's 2017 Summer Quarterly Newsletter is here! Learn all about our experienced new team member, spotlight hybrid product, $100 of coupon, upcoming fall CE courses, and more!

  Shikosha   05-Jul-2017 
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PFM Upper/Lower Designed with CAD


The dental world entered the digital age long ago, and at Shikosha, we try to incorporate digital technology in as many ways as possible. This PFM upper and lower case was designed using 3Shape CAD Design software.

  Shikosha   28-Jun-2017 
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Welcome Jim Kinsey to Shikosha!


​It is with great pleasure that we welcome Jim Kinsey to the team at Shikosha Dental Lab. Jim will fill the vital role of Technical Support Specialist to assist you with all of your case planning and technical questions. Some of you may remember Jim from when he used to work at Shikosha in a similar role during the 90's...

  Shikosha   31-May-2017 
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Spring Quarterly Newsletter


Shikosha's 2017 Winter Quarterly Newsletter is here! Learn all about our talented crown tattoo artists, highly experienced Ceramics Team, current promotions, hybrid products and more!

  Shikosha   26-Apr-2017 
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Spotlight: Full-Arch Restorative Solutions


Shikosha Dental Lab's full-arch hybrid restorations make smiles possible again. From the simpler overdenture to the more advanced implant-supported prosthesis, Shikosha has the experience and know-how to provide the advanced solutions your patients need.

  Shikosha   15-Feb-2017 
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Recent Testimonials!


Testimonials make us happy, because we know we've made our customers happy! We added two recent reviews to our testimonials page - read on to see more...

  Shikosha   07-Feb-2017 
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Spotlight: Implants


Shikosha Dental Lab offers a wide range of advanced Implant options to meet your needs. In addition to state-of-the-art implant technology, Shikosha’s implant department includes experienced technicians who specialize in implant technology. Read on to learn about our advanced implant technology and specialized technicians.

  Shikosha   26-Jan-2017 
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Shade-Matching Tips


Shade matching can be somewhat intimidating thanks to a variety of external factors. Understanding these factors is the first step in achieving an accurate shade match and optimal result.

  Shikosha   11-Jan-2017 
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Spotlight: Removable Appliances


Shikosha’s Removables Department provides the full range of removable appliances, from sports mouthguards to cast partial frames and full acrylic dentures. Our Implant and Removables Departments work together closely to provide doctors with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art hybrid solutions.

  Shikosha   06-Dec-2016 
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Winter Quarterly Newsletter


​Shikosha's 2017 Winter Quarterly Newsletter is here! Learn all about our talented crown tattoo artists, highly experienced Ceramics Team, current promotions, hybrid products and more!

  Shikosha   02-Nov-2016 
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Monthly Evaluation Card Drawing!


We want to offer our doctors the absolute best in products and services. One of the top ways we can do this is by hearing your feedback on how we can improve. In order to encourage more feedback, we’ve started an ongoing monthly promotion: Each month an evaluation card will be drawn at random from the prior month’s group, and the selected doctor will win a $50 Gift Card!

  Shikosha   01-Nov-2016 
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Keiko Ansley's Training at the OBI Foundation


Keiko Ansley, Shikosha’s Emax and FCZ Supervisor, began her training at OBI (Orognathic Bioesthetics International) in April. OBI is an educational institute that provides advanced, intensive, hands-on training for dentists and dental technicians who would like to incorporate bioesthetic principles into their practice.

  Shikosha   04-Oct-2016 
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